Holland Road Studio
Welcome to the Studio
The studio produces music professionally, where the client's needs and
requirements come first. The equipment is all state of the art, allowing
the client to achieve their goals and aspirations. The engineer is a
chorally trained singer as well as a performing musician with an eclectic
taste in music. You and your music are what counts. Customer
satisfaction, quality recordings and professional engineering are the aims
of Holland Road Studio.
The studio can produce demos, provide backing music, and cater for up
to 5 piece bands. We also able to provide location recordings services.
We love music and want you to love yours. We welcome all including
first timers as well as professional musicians wanting to make their
music heard.
We don't just sell time.
Tel. 01622 763741   Mob. 0778 7836796
e-mail: gray@hollandroadstudio.com

Holland Road Studio