Holland Road Studio
Studio Instruments
All instruments are available for hire in the studio
Roland TD8 V Drum Kit consisting of:
Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, 4 Toms, and 3 cymbals
Make your own kit from over 1000 instruments
Congas - pair of
Various shakers, tambourine and rattles
Roland RD700 Professional digital Piano
with progressive hammer action
Complete with Concert Piano and
Complete Orchestra expansion cards
Roland D50 Linear Synth
Roland D5 Synth
Roland SC-155 Sound Canvas sound module
DB Guitars Hand Made 12 String Acoustic/Electric
Erskine Guitars Hand Made 6 String Acoustic/Electric
Ovation Balladeer 6 String Acoustic/Electric
Erskine Guitars Hand Made 4 String bass with added Piezo bridge
El Maya EM-1300 6 String electric Guitar
Tel. 01622 763741   Mob. 0778 7836796
e-mail: gray@hollandroadstudio.com

Holland Road Studio